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ExpertBail Agent Matt Dennis Defending the Bail Bond Industry in New Orleans

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

dont call me dogExpertBail Agent Matt Dennis is showcased in this recent investigative report out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  He takes Fox 8 reporter Rob Masson on a tour of a day in the life of a bail agent.  Even though they went out together and found a fugitive, it was not the “reality television” experience that Mr. Masson expected.  Matt explains in the story that in the real world bail agents aren’t what you see on television.  They are active members of their local community that ensure that those released pretrial show up for court.  Because when people show up for court, the system gets a chance to work. 

This insightful story couldn’t have come at a more important time for the bail industry in New Orleans.  As we write this story, Matt is at an important city council meeting educating council members on the bail bond industry and trying to shed some light on its importance to the city of New Orleans.  If you haven’t been following the news in New Orleans lately, the bail industry is under attack.  They are under attack by an organization called the VERA Institute.  VERA is an organization that is focused firmly on the elimination of commercial bail from our criminal justice system.  In its place, VERA wants to replace commercial bail (where people put up their own money to secure their release from jail) with less effective taxpayer funded pretrial release programs (where people get released from jail for free with taxpayer’s paying for their release).

Matt makes a strong case in the story, why bail is so effective.  He also proves it when he tracks down a fugitive with information he obtained from his own research; Information that he did not get from a court file or from a defendant.  And that is an important aspect of why the bail industry is so effective.  They don’t just rely on information provided by the defendant.  They go out and gather information from the family of the defendant, coworkers of the defendant, friends of the defendant and so on.  This circle of influence that they create around every defendant is not only what ensures their appearance for their court date, but also what makes the bail agent so effective at finding the defendant when they don’t appear. 

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