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Drawing the Line Between Bail Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters in Kansas

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stephen Owens of Owens Bonding in Wichita, KansasThe bail bond industry continues to be big news in Kansas following the shooting of a bounty hunter a couple weeks ago.  ExpertBail Agent Stephen Owens of Owens Bonding in Wichita is the President of the Kansas Bail Agents Association and has put himself front and center to help clean up the situation in Kansas and truly draw a line between the bail bond industry and bounty hunters.  Currently in Kansas, in order to be a bail agent you must be licensed and have met several educational and testing requirements. However, there is currently no official licensing process for bounty hunters (also referred as fugitive recovery agents).  If someone has a clean record they can be a bounty hunter and go after fugitives.  It is this wild west mentality which has created the negative stereotype for the bounty hunting industry and has also rubbed off on the bail bond industry.  Stephen along with Chris Fisher (Vice President of the Bail Bond Association) were recentely interviewed on the topic.  Watch the video below.

Story written by Eric Granof


Original article and video: Bail Agents Call for Bounty Hunter Regulation