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Dr. Robert Morris of the Univeristy of Texas at Dallas on the Radio With Valder Beebe

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dr. MorrisDr. Robert Morris of the University of Dallas at Texas spent Thursday morning on the radio with Valder Beebe discussing his groundbreaking pretrial release study.  Dr. Morris' research, which assessed Dallas County's criminal justice system, shows that there is a huge cost to taxpayers when defendants dont show up for court...a cost that he calculates is at least $1,800 per defendant.  Based on that finding, accroding to Dr. Morris, determining the most effective way to ensure that defendants show up for court becomes even more important.  So as part of his study, Dr. Morris assessed each form of release and its effectiveness in getting people to show up for court.  He examined four types of release: Cash Bonds, Attorney Bonds, Pretrial Services Bonds and Commercial Bail Bonds.  Of all four types of release, commercial bail by far was the most effective form.  Click on the orange arrow below to hear Dr. Morris' interview with Valder Beebe.

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Posted by: Eric Granof