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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ultimate MontroseLooks can be deceiving, especially in the bail bond business.  Just ask ExpertBail Agent Kelvin Hampton of A-Better Bail Bonds in Houston.  Most of the people that Kelvin meets in his everyday life, would never guess that he is a bail bondsman.  Check out this great story on Kelvin and his famous Houston Family, that includes all former NFL great Rodney Hampton, that was just published in the local Houston news media.


But You Don't Look Like a Bail Agent
Ultimate Montrose - March 9, 2012

Kelvin Hampton has lost count of the number of times he's been told he doesn't look like a bail bondsman.

Even so, Hampton is the second-generation operator of A-Better Bail Bonds, a company founded by his father in 1989. The native of Houston Gardens graduated from Morgan State in 1990, and was at first hesitant to join his father's new business.

"He always wanted it to be a father-son business," Hampton explained, "but at first I wasn't sure that's what I wanted to be doing with my life." Despite his initial hesitation, Hampton saw the potential for the business, and he began to put some of the marketing knowledge he'd acquired in college to work.

A little advertising went a long way, especially with the company's new spokesperson, NFL All-Pro Rodney Hampton, a running back for the then-Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and baby brother of Kelvin. Soon, the business was booming.

An ordained minister in his church, Hampton understands that the service he offers is more than just getting a hardened criminal out of jail for a little while. "We're helping people," he explained, "because our justice system is based on the fact that you're innocent until proven guilty. And sometimes, you're providing a service to people who are completely innocent."

While he did say that all of his clients are unique, traffic stops constitute the most common crime that requires bail. "If you run a stop light and then miss your court date, they issue a warrant for your arrest," Hampton said. "We get at least one of those people every day."


Name: Kelvin Hampton

Age: 47

Profession: Bail bondsman

Community: Born and raised in Houston Gardens, today he's a resident of Northwest Houston

Quick Fact: When he's not working, you're likely to find Kelvin Hampton watching youth basketball games. He has coached both his daughter's and his son's youth teams, and he consistently follows all those team members through their high school years.

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