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Bail Bonds, Pornography and Beer, Oh Why?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ExpertBail and AIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Nairin, shares his candid response to a recent zoning ordinance passed by the San Jose City Council that is treating bail agencies like pornography shops. See his blog posting below:

Behind the paper with Brian Nairin

I am writing this latest blog in response to another recent blog I read yesterday morning entitled, “Bail Bonds Akin to Porn” and a story published this morning in the San Jose Mercury News. Both stories talked about a recent zoning ordinance that was passed by the San Jose City Council that greatly restricts where bail agents can locate and operate their bail bond businesses. This ordinance basically treats bail bond agencies in the same way that adult book stores, bars and other less-desirable businesses are treated. As the blog and article both mention, bail bonds are being lumped into a category of businesses that are commonly associated with “blight and urban decay.”

So let’s get this straight, an industry that supports the eighth amendment of our constitution and that plays an essential role in the criminal justice system is being lumped together with alcoholism, pornography and any other socially unacceptable business you can think of. I hear this kind of thinking and it not only confuses me but also disappoints me. How can our elected officials know so little about the criminal justice system and the bail process, that they would even consider an ordinance such as this? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Is it because we deal with people who are in jail? If that is the rationale, then maybe we should hide all the sheriff’s offices and police stations so no one sees them. Why stop there? Let's also hide all the lawyers who represent those in jail or maybe even the law schools where they learn how to practice. We could even focus on those businesses that have contributed to other problems facing our society like obesity…. so we definitely need to get rid of and hide all the fast food restaurants as well. Now please don’t get me wrong, these examples are extreme and I don’t expect anyone to take them seriously, but my point is that you can’t lump an industry into a category until you fully understand it. So I thought I would take the time in this blog to dissect this problem a little further...

To read the entire blog, click on the following link, Behind the Paper with Brian Nairin.