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Bail Bond Industry Gathers In Las Vegas

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goodfella bail bondsWhen it comes to understanding the bail bond industry, most people are left to reality television and Hollywood movies.  Unfortunately these sources of information have rarely if ever told the true story of the bail bond profession.  This week the bail bond industry is meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada to set the story straight.

Each year, the Professional Bondsmen of the United States, the national association for the bail bond industry gets together in Las Vegas to talk bail.  From legislation, to regulation, to technology, bail agents from all over the country get an opportunity to share stories and information about the profession that they so proudly love.  Now you might think love is a strong word for a bail agent, but most of the 15,000 bail bondsmen across the county do have that level of affinity for what they do.  Whether it is because their family has been in the bail bond industry for several generations or that they just like helping people out of a tough situation, bail agents give everything they have to their jobs each and every day.

Yesterday, Channel 8 CBS News came to the PBUS conference to learn a little more about this misunderstood industry.  ExpertBail Agent Gino Caruso of Goodfellas Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Nevada was interviewed as part of the story along with industry veteran Mike Whitlock.  Click on the image below to watch the story.

Channel 8 news