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Murray Dines

ExpertBail Agent Murray DinesWhen most people think about the bail bond business, the last thing that comes to mind is people helping people. But the reality of the bail bond profession is exactly that, bail agents helping families get loved ones out of an unfortunate situation.  In fact, that is what attracted ExpertBail Agent, Murray Dines of STAT Bail Bonds to the business.  As a healthcare professional for over 20 years, Murray is no stranger to helping those in need.   You can say that helping people was in his blood.  While in the healthcare industry he worked in a variety of capacities including both surgery and ICU positions.

Now that Murray is a bail bond agent, he takes those same caring and helpful skills and translates them to caring for and helping people facing a different challenge.  “I truly believe in being professional, detailed, honest and running a business with integrity,” says Murray.  “I have seen how those types of attributes worked in healthcare and I have tried to instill them in everything I do with my bail business.”  Murray also has his own recovery business and prides himself on working with agents who have military and police backgrounds…in other words, people with the same values and principles as he does.   Pulling from his healthcare background, he named his bail bond business S-T-A-T Bail Bonds.  In healthcare S-T-A-T communicates the concepts of “URGENCY” and “IMMEDIACY.”  It is also the acronym of his recovery company, STATE TACTICAL APPREHENSION TASK FORCE (STAT).

So if you ever need a caring and trustworthy bail bondsman in Colorado, call STAT Bail Bonds STAT! Murray Dines: Hard worker, honest, honors graduate, father, ExpertBail Agent. We couldn’t ask for more.