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Lou Maselli

Making A Difference: Lou Maselli - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman - ExpertBail.comOne of the most commonly used words in business is “relationships”, but for ExpertBail Agent Lou Maselli, it is not only an important word, it is the only word. In fact if you ask him, he will say it is his and his wife, Lucy’s, special trade secret. Lou and Lucy are truly remarkable…not only in the bail bond industry, but in life in general. With both a broad legal and business background, Lou brings a unique perspective and a special approach to how he runs his business. While most bail agents see a bail bond as a financial transaction and a way to make some money, Lou and Lucy see it very differently. They see every bail bond they write as an opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life…even if it means not making a profit. In some instances, for example, Lou has recommended that a defendant stay in custody as it was the best decision for the family.
Whether it is holding mentoring sessions with clients in their office, meeting with them at a local Starbucks or being there in court to help support and comfort the family, Lou and Lucy are in a class by themselves. When dealing with young defendants, they don’t just serve as typical “bail agents”, but rather see it as their responsibility to educate and provide guidance to the young person and their parents. Once again, it is not because they have to, it is because they want to.
So on behalf of the entire Network of ExpertBail Agents across the country, we would like to send out a huge “thank you” to Lou and his team at Maselli Bail Bonds in Fremont, CA. They are truly an inspiration to everyone they meet and we are proud to call them ExpertBail Agents.

Professional Biography of

Denny K. Behrend



Denny Behrend is in good company.  He has shared the title of deputy U.S. Marshal with such legendary American figures as Wild Bill Hickok, Bat Masterson, and the three Earp Brothers; Virgil, Morgan, and Wyatt.


While not as celebrated as his illustrious predecessors, the Washington native and former Seattle police officer served the Western District of Washington with distinction and valor for
twenty-seven years, retiring in 2001. 


And, though Denny may not have been famous, some of his cases were; such as that of Christopher Boyce of "The Falcon and the Snowman" fame.  Denny was among the team of federal agents that tracked and arrested prison-escapee Boyce, in Port Angeles, Washington and bank robbers Joseph Dougherty and Terry Lee Connors.  He also escorted serial arsonist Martin Pang from his safe haven in Brazil to Seattle to stand trial for multiple murders. 


But this was all just another day at the office for Denny.  For more than a decade he managed the U.S. Marshal’s, Western District, fugitive apprehension detail with previous assignments in witness protection, bank security, prisoner transfer, and assets forfeiture. 


While Denny’s career in law enforcement was stellar, retirement was something less than what he expected.  “He flunked it,” says his wife, Gayle, co-C.E.O of Lacey OMalley Bail Bonds, the oldest agency in the state (founded 1945).  He is currently Lacey OMalley’s Vice President and Director of Public Relations, regularly demonstrating his knowledge and proficiency in marketing, public relations, and the Federal, State, County, and Municipal court systems. 


His Expert-level knowledge of the criminal justice system is second to none as is his ability to establish productive working arrangements with its diverse community and officials.  He is esteemed by the law enforcement community, the judiciary, and members of the bar.  Following Maurice Clemmons’ mass murder of four Lakewood police officers, it was Denny to whom members of the media turned to for perspective on the bail system that had enabled the killer’s freedom.  A distinct honor, in 2010, Denny was selected to serve as a committee chairperson on Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire’s taskforce to implement bail reform.  Even the accused and the criminals appreciate him for the respect he has provided as a lawman, and continues to provide as a businessman.  It is a belief totally in sync with Lacey OMalley and its core values.  


Denny, a board member of Washington Crime Stoppers, was introduced to Gayle (a former
Miss Tri-Cities) by John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted fame.  Together they are the proud parents of Denny’s four children (from a previous marriage), and energetically work, play, and generally enjoy their world together.  Denny’s life has been, and continues to be, one dedicated to serving others.  That’s a good thing…even if he isn’t Wyatt Earp.