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Jerry Dowell

ExpertBail Rescue Animal
Little Calf
ExpertBail Rescue Animal
Mama Dog and pups
ExpertBail Rescue Animal
Mollie Ringworm
ExpertBail Rescue Animal

When most people think of “the Dog” they think of the famous television personality suited up in leather and body armor running through the streets with his fugitive recovery team. But if you ask anyone in Oklahoma who the real “Dog” is…they will tell you it’s ExpertBail Agent, Jerry Dowell. They will say Jerry, not because of who he is, but because of what he does. Jerry runs a rescue shelter for animals… and he runs it right out of his bail bond office.  Jerry and his family save and care for about 50 animals a year and find homes for each and every dog, cat, and yes even calves too, that comes their way.
So you are probably asking yourself, what does rescuing animals have to do with bail bonds? Well, we think the answer is pretty obvious…absolutely nothing. Jerry does what he does, not because he is a bail bond agent, but rather because he is a good person. And just for the record…he is a really good bail bond agent. Jerry and his family have been mainstays in Oklahoma City and have operated Jerry Dowell Bail Bonding for the past 30 years. Jerry plays an active role in supporting the criminal justice system in Oklahoma City as both the Vice President of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association and through his fundraising efforts for his local sheriff’s department.

So next time you are in trouble in Oklahoma, no matter if it is the two legged or four legged variety, just know that you can call Jerry and his family and they will do whatever it takes to make sure you are taken care of.  In fact, you might end up bailing out more than you had planned, as some of Jerry’s clients take home one of his rescue animals. So thanks for everything you do Jerry. You are not only a great ExpertBail Agent, but also a great person.

Stories for animals pictured:

A defendant had gone to jail and didn’t tell anyone to look after his calves. Jerry found this little calf a home with a retired deputy’s grandkids.

Jerry found “Mama Dog” downtown, she was very old, pregnant and abused. She gave birth to 12 puppies and all were given to wonderful homes... except for the runt, who Jerry decided to keep.

“Mollie Ringworm” was found as a tiny kitten in the alley during winter. She had part of her tail missing and you guessed it, ringworm! She’s now a healthy and happy office cat.

“Talkie” was run over by a car but that didn’t kill her vocal cords! She greets every person that comes into the office.