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Eddie Ruth Lagway

Eddie Ruth LagwayBeing good at what you do is something that we all strive for in life.  ExpertBail Agent Eddie Lagway of Lagway Bail Bonds was no different.  She was a fantastic bail agent...but even more importantly she was a fantastic person.  Unfortunately, Eddie's time ended last week when she passed away from a heart attack at age 55.  She will be solely missed by everyone in her home city of Willis, Texas.

Eddie spent her life doing things for others.  Whether it was helping someone bail out a family member or just playing a role in her community to help others, she was always doing something positive.  To say she was extremely active in her community would be an understatement.  From the local school district to her local church, she spent every day trying to make life better for everyone.

As a founding member of the city's Community Development Corporation, she played a key role in the city's pocket parks.  She also played an active role in the School District as well as founded the WISD Education Foundation, which most recently ensured that the 1967 A.R. Turner High School Football team received their state championship rings.   Eddie, you were a wonderful person to know and everyone who ever met you would say the same.  We are extremely proud to have worked with you and called you an ExpertBail Agent and a member of our AIA family.  We wish you peace.