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                                                                                    Larry "The Dancing Bondsman" Reinfeld

                                                                                         I CAN WALTZ YOU OUT OF JAIL

I personally or my parrtner Rick will answer all phone calls. You will talk directly with me or Rick 24 hours a day.   I will not tell you; "I can get your friend or loved one right out of jail." This is a lie.  People don't get out of jail right away, (only in the movies or on tv) it is a 6 to 12 hour process. Others will tell you that, but when you call them back you get their answering service. When you call me back, you get me! I will tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it.

Begel Bail Bond has been in business for over 50 years. I have been a licensed for 20 years originaly by the Florida Department of Insurance and what is now the Florida Department of Financial Services. I am also a licensed as a Private Detective in Florida (License #001714) since 1981 and by the state of New Jersey (License # 3384) since 1978.  These licenses also allow me to conduct armed escort services among other investigative and protective services. I am a Notary Public in Florida which authorizes me to conduct wedding services.  I am also social dance host.  Dance escort services are availaible. You can find me on in the Palm Beach and Broward county areas.

I am a Charter Member of BAIL Florida an assocaition of Florida Bail Bond Agents and a former Secretary of the Browad County Bail Bond Asc. I have held memberships in the Floirda and New Jersey Asc. of Licensed Private Investigators for over 25 years. I am also a Certified instructor for the Florida Bail Agents continuing education required courses.




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