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Stephen Owens, ExpertBail Agent, Interviewed on Your Hour

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ExpertBail Agent, Stephen Owens of Owens Bonding in Wichita, Kansas, spoke with Sheryl Nutt on Channel 46’s Your Hour (a news magazine). Stephen provided an overview explanation of the bail bond industry and described to the television audience the role that bail agents play as “a third party accountability system for the courts.”

Stephen also helped explain that being a bail agent isn’t about risking his life pursuing criminals that have skipped out on their bail. The reality, according to Owens, is that if you do what you are supposed to and properly assess those you bail out and then monitor them to ensure they show up for court, you eliminate the number of those who skip. Even when they do miss a court date, those individuals are usually easily apprehended without any physical confrontation. This fact alone challenges the stereotype and common misperception that bail agents run through the streets with bullet proof vests with guns ablazin’.

While this is a less dramatic reality, it is the reality of the bail bond industry. Ms. Nutt also asked Steve how one should go about finding a bail agent. At this point Steve introduced and explained the ExpertBail Network and the power behind the nation’s only true national bail bond brand. According to Owens, “ExpertBail is a national network comprised of the most trusted and professional bondsmen throughout the country.”