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Sheriffs Give the Bail Industry a Big Thumbs Up

Friday, June 22, 2012

ExpertBail at NSAFor the second year in a row, the AIA/ExpertBail Team spent Father’s Day at the National Sheriffs’ Association Conference.  This year the event took place in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and was one of the largest conventions yet.  As a Platinum Corporate Partner, the AIA/ExpertBail team was there to talk with sheriffs about the bail bond industry as well as pass out their now famous “I Love My Sheriff” buttons.  In two short days, the team passed out close to 2000 buttons.

In addition, to general discussions about the industry and ExpertBail, the team conducted a short survey amongst sheriffs that passed by the booth.  All in all over 120 sheriffs took the survey.

The results of the survey were both interesting and extremely positive for the industry.  They not only confirmed the team’s initial thoughts in regard to sheriff's perceptions of bail, but also provided new insights into what sheriffs really think about the bail industry.  Below are some highlights of the survey as well as a copy of the press release on the results.









When asked how important bail bond agents are to the criminal justice system, sheriffs responded as follows:

74% Very Important
23% Somewhat Important
3% Not Important

When asked which attributes best describe a bail bond agent, sheriffs responded as follows:

60% Professional
37% Helpful
10% Caring
6%   Intimidating
5%  Dishonest
5%  Unethical

When asked whether they work with bail agents in the context of their job, sheriffs responded as follows:

62% Yes
38% No

We believe these results are a confirmation of the strong connection that law enforcement and the bail industry have within the criminal justice system.  We look forward to continuing to partner with the NSA and to finding ways to work together and leverage each other’s strengths.  See the press release below, or click on the following link to see the original releasse: Sheriffs Give Bail Bond Agents a Big Thumbs Up!


Press Release

Sheriffs Confirm that Bail Agents Play an Important Role in the Criminal Justice System
Expertbail's recent survey at the National Sheriffs' Association Conference shows that 97% of sheriffs surveyed understand the important role that bail agents play in the criminal justice system

June 25, 2012 (Calabasas, California) - In its continued support of the National Sheriffs’ Association, as a Platinum Corporate Partner, the ExpertBail team attended this year’s National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee this past week.  The conference was well attended with several thousand sheriffs representing counties from all over the country.  

During the conference, ExpertBail passed out their famous “I Love My Sheriff” buttons and fielded a short eight question survey to gain insights into sheriffs’ understanding and opinion about the bail industry.  The survey results were both interesting and informative as they shed light on the real value that bail agents bring to the criminal justice system.  

When asked how important the bail bond industry is to the criminal justice system, 74% of sheriffs responded that the bail industry is “Very Important.”  25% of sheriffs responded that the bail industry is “Somewhat Important.”  Only 2% of respondents said “Not Important.”

“We think that these results make an important statement about our industry,” said ExpertBail’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Granof. “97% of sheriffs we surveyed confirmed that bail is an important part of the criminal justice system.  We have always known that bail is a natural adjunct to law enforcement, but to get this type of confirmation from such a large sample of sheriffs is very encouraging.”

In addition to perceiving bail as very important, sheriffs were also asked to identify those attributes that best describe the bail industry.   The number one attribute chosen by over 60% of respondents was “Professional.”  The number two attribute selected by 37% of respondents was “Helpful.”  The remaining attributes broke out as follows:  Caring – 10%; Intimidating – 6%; Dishonest - 5%; Unethical – 5%.

“Once again, we are very optimistic about the results of the survey,” says Granof.  “For far too long, the bail industry has been pinned with the “thug/criminal” stereotype.  It is nice to see that such an important stakeholder in the criminal justice system, like law enforcement, is able to look past those false images and see our industry in such a positive and professional way.”

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