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More Consumers View Bail Bond Agents as Professional

Monday, October 24, 2011

In a recent survey conducted by ExpertBail amongst Facebook users, when asked to describe what words best describe a bail agent, 54% responded "professional."  This is up 4% from 6 months ago when the same question was asked amongst the same population of Facebook users.

Bail Bond Survey

The most interesting result from the survey  was around the "aided awareness" of ExpertBail.  When given a list of the top marketed bail bond brands online, 43% recognized ExpertBail.  That was the top result for the question by almost 20% and an increase of 24% over the previous study.

There has also been progress in regard to educating the public about the bail process. When asked if they understood the bail bond process, 41% of people said they did "completely understand" the process.  That is up 10% from the previous study.

To see the full press release with further results click the link below.

ExpertBail Continues in its Mission to Put a New Face on the Bail Bond Profession