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ExpertBail, The Nation's First National Bail Bond Brand, Unveiled in Las Vegas

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- AIA, the nation's oldest and largest family of bail bond insurance companies, unveiled the first ever national bail brand at its national conference.  In front of over 400 agents and guests, AIA's CEO introduced ExpertBail.

Based on over 2 years of research that included countless agent and consumer interviews, the decision was made to put a stake in the ground and create a true nationally branded bail bond network that would raise the bar and ultimately the perceptions of the bail bond industry.

Nationwide Bail BondsThe public launch of the brand is scheduled for August 1, 2010.  As part of the unveiling, ExpertBail was displayed on the Palm's Marquee, as well as behind the hotel's registration desk and on several blackjack tables.

Nationwide Bail Bonds