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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lancaster OnlineAs the nation's first and only nationally branded network of trusted and professional bail bond agents, ExpertBail is a comprehensive resource for anyone trying to better understand the bail bond industry.  From finding an agent anywhere in the country to understanding how the bail process works, is a one stop shop for bail resources and insights.  This week ExpertBail was featured in an article in the Intelligencier Journal out of Pennsylvania.  In the article, ExpertBail's Managing Director, Eric Granof, talked with reporter Pat Johnson about the many misperceptions that exist about the bail bond industry.  Check out a brief snippet of the artilce below.


Need to bail your friend or (gulp) relative out of jail?  Here's how to find the right bail bonds agent
Pat Johnson, Correspondent
Lancaster Online

The phone rings at 3 a.m. It's a friend or maybe a relative. He or she has been arrested and is looking for your help. Can you bail him out, he asks.

Where do you even start? Finding a bail bonds agent has never been on your radar.

"Most people have no clue," says Eric Granof, managing director of ExpertBail, in a phone interview from his office in Calabasas, Calif. Not all bail agents are the same, and most are unlike the scary stereotypes shown on TV. But how does the average friend (and consumer) know the difference between good and not-so-good bail agents … especially at 3 a.m.?

ExpertBail is a national network of bail bonds agents.

Granof says there are certain things you need to ask your friend right away, before you start figuring out which bail agent to contact.

"You need to find out what the charge is, the amount of the bond and what jail they are in," Granof says. Then you start looking. "Ten years ago, you'd look in the phone book. Today, you'll probably look online, or call a lawyer or call a friend that you think may have had previous experience with bail in the past. Ask for their input.

"Bail is an insurance policy," Granof explains. "It is financially guaranteeing that the person shows up for court." When the bail is paid, the accused is given a temporary release while awaiting trial. Ten percent is the average that is paid. The accused does have the option of simply posting a cash bond, paying in full, but if that is not possible, a bail bond agent is contacted.

A call to ExpertBail will get you a list of agents who have been vetted and align with the company's professional standards. "Many people have a misconception of bail bondsmen. They are not bounty hunters. Movies and TV have focused on the drama," Granof says. "Most of the time the business is boring. And, a surprise to many is that many bail bondsmen are women. Bail agents are former U.S. marshalls, teachers and firemen, for example."


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