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Bail Bonds Made EZ in North Carolina

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EZBAILHow often do most consumers think about or seek out information on the bail bond industry?  As many bail bondsman know, the answer is not very often.  Why?  Because learning about the bail bond industry is not something most people think about doing until they actually need a bail bond, and then it is too late. 

Well there are some bail agents in North Carolina that are trying to remedy that situation.  ExpertBail Agents Timothy Darren Brown of “A Cut Above Bail Bonds” and Anthony Broadway of "A Broadway Bail Bonds” have launched a new Saturday morning radio program on RUSH RADIO 94.5 in Greensboro, North Carolina under the brand name EZ Bail.  The EZ Bail show is designed to not only educate consumers about the bail bond process, the industry and the overall profession of being a bail bondsman, but also to talk about the essential role that bail plays in the criminal justice system.

The show was launched in November 2012 and has aired 8 shows so far.  Joining Tim and Anthony on the show is long time North Carolina bail bond agent and former President of the North Carolina Bail Agents Association Melissa Seiler.
Feel free to visit the site at to listen to their archive of past shows.  Also feel free to contact them directly and share your thoughts on the show as well as offer up some ideas for future shows.  As the nation’s first and only national network of trusted bail bond agents, the entire team at The ExpertBail Network is proud to call the EZ Bail Team trusted members of its exclusive bail bond agent network.  Keep up the great work.