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Yes, Bail Bondsmen...They Walk Among Us

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bail Bond GirlDo you know any bail bond agents?  Do you think that you could pick one out of a lineup?  Well you might be surprised to find out that there is a pretty good chance that you do and just don’t know it. Most people when asked to describe a bail agent start with a list of common stereotypes.  First, they assume that the bail agent is a man.  Second, they assume that the bail agent probably looks like any common thug.  They probably have tattoos and piercings and more often than not, probably have a criminal record themselves. 

Well the reality of the bail bond profession is nothing like what people think.  First, more than 50% of bail agents are woman.  That is a fact that puts the stereotypes to rest immediately.  Second, bail bondsmen are not bounty hunters.  Many people often make the mistake of lumping bail bondsmen together with bounty hunters (or fugitive recover Bail Bond Girlagents).  The truth is that while often linked together, the two professions are very different.  Bail bond agents are licensed insurance agents that work with families to get their loved ones released from jail pretrial. A bail bond is in essence an insurance policy guaranteeing the appearance of the defendant in court until the disposition of their case.  A fugitive recovery agent or bounty hunter is someone who a bail agent contracts with to help located a defendant who has intentionally skipped out and missed their court date.

Hollywood and the Media are the two worst groups guilty of perpetuating the incorrect stereotype.  There have been countless movies and portrayals of bail agents that not only support these stereotypes but do so in a way that positions the bail industry and those that work in it as an industry of scumbags and criminals.   In a recent episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson and actress Katherine Heigl (who recently portrayed a bounty hunter in the movie “One for the Money,”) played a game called “Who’s the Bond Girl.”  Three contestants stood on stage and were asked 3-4 questions which were posed by Heigl.  Then, Anderson, Heigl and the audience all guessed who they thought the real bond girl was…and not to anyone’s surprise they guessed wrong.  Watch the video below and see if you can identify the real bail agent.

Written by: Eric Granof