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Worse Than Jail...What if your Dog Ate Your Masters Tickets?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Masters ticketsWhat is the best excuse you have ever heard for someone not doing something?  For me, it has to be the all-time great, "the dog ate my homework."  As crazy as it sounds...and trust me when I say that if you try and use this excuse, most people will think you are happened for real in Seattle.  But the dog didn’t eat the homework; it ate something much more valuable...MASTERS TICKETS!!!!  Yep, that is not a misprint.  Earlier this week a Seattle man was about to head out with some friends to attend the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  He left the house for a few minutes and when he returned the tickets had been eaten.  He was able to retrieve them with some Hydrogen Peroxide (Don't worry folks, the dog was okay) and a lot of praying...okay, just a lot of praying.  Luckily the tickets came up and the man was able to piece them back together enough for the Officials at the Masters to resend him 4 tickets.  Whew.  Read the original story here.

Original Story:  Dog eats man’s Masters tickets right before he leaves for Augusta