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Woman Steals 95 Cents From Water Fountain, Arrested

Friday, June 24, 2016

arrestedWhen you’re so hard up you steal 95 cents from a water fountain, times are probably pretty hard. On top of it, getting arrested for stealing less than a dollar? What a waste for this thief!

Erica Ramos, 20, was arrested and charged with theft, along with being in possession of an anti-shoplifting device, which was a foil-lined bag. This little trick helps thieves beat security sensors that they may come into contact with in stores that they are trying to steal from.

Ramos stole the change from a fountain in a local mall and was later released on a summons. Pretty sure that wasn’t worth it!

While the cops admitted that they generally wouldn’t arrest someone for “stealing from a wishing well,” they took her into custody after she admitted to a shoplifting attempt in the Macy’s at the mall, as well.

Let this be a lesson… if you need some spare change, check the couch cushions before you leave the house! Getting arrested for stealing less than $1 definitely isn’t worth having it  on your record.

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Original article: Woman Who Allegedly Stole 95 Cents from mall fountain charged, cops say

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