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When Illegal Holding at a Football Game Can Get You Thrown in Jail

Thursday, August 22, 2013

baby beerUnderage drinking is a serious problem across the country, but have you ever heard about underage holding.  If you are wondering what the heck underage holding is then pay attention to this next bail bond blog post. 

This past weekend a Glendale, Arizona man was attending the Arizona Cardinals game with his 15 year old son.  This seems pretty normal, until his son got called for illegal holding.  And no, the son isn't an offensive lineman, he was just a spectator at the game with his father.  So here is what happened. Just after kickoff the man wanted to take a photo with his cell phone.  Since his hands were full, he asked his son to hold his beer while he took the picture.  It was at this moment that two undercover officers jumped into action.  The man was read the riot act by the officer and lectured on the illegality of allowing his 15 year old son to hold an alcoholic beverage.  According to reports, the man first thought that he was on candid camera, because he didn’t really think that what he was doing was wrong.  Little did he know was that this simple offense was eligible for up to 2 years in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Luckily for the man and his son, they were only issued a stern warning and then escorted out of the stadium.  What do you think?  Did the undercover officers overreact or did the father and son get what they deserved.  Read the original article below.

Origina story: Dad kicked out of Cardinals game and threatened with JAIL after he asked his underage son to hold his beer while he took a picture

Written by: Eric Granof