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What Happens on Facebook Doesn't Stay on Facebook...It Might Even Land You in Jail

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Facebook jail timeFacebook and jail time....two things that most people wouldn't put together, but in the last week, there have been two stories circulated about how people's Facebook activity has landed them in trouble.  First, last week a man was put in jail for "friending" a defendant when he happened to be a juror on that defendant's trial (not too smart).  And second, just this week, a man was found in contempt and ordered to spend 60 days in jail for posing a rant about his ex-wife on Facebook. This was not a bail bond related offense, but nonetheless a crazy and unexpected story that really puts social media into the free speech spotlight once again.  By the way, as an alternative to jail time, the judge told the man to publicly apologize for 30 days to his ex-wife on Facebook.  I wonder which punishment he will take?  Click link below to read the original story.  We invite your comments below.

Written By: Eric Granof

NATION: Ex- Husband gets choice of jail or a Facebook apology
by Kimball Perry, The Cincinnati Enquirerer