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Vigilante Justice...From a Bike?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

pushHave you ever seen someone do something really stupid?  You know, something so stupid that you wished that you could arrest them yourself?  We have all had that feeling before, when some idiot makes an illegal turn in front of us and cuts us off.  There never seems to be a cop there when you need one.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pull him over and give him a ticket...even better take his license. 

This past week, a man in Arizona thought he would take things into his own hands when he stepped up and performed a citizen’s arrest on a jogger...or at least he thought he was stepping up.  This man was riding his bike to work when a jogger came up to him and pushed him over while he was waiting at a stoplight.  The biker jumped into "vigilante" mode and called 911 while he held the jogger, performing what he called a citizen's arrest.  When the police arrived, the biker was shocked when he was the one that was arrested and told to find a bail bondsman.  Check out the story below.

Original story: Man makes citizen's arrest and ends up in jail; says he's in the right