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Top 5 YouTube Videos to Distract you from Looking at Your Sinking 401k

Monday, August 8, 2011

Laughing BabyThe market took another swan-dive today, with the Dow Jones closing down 634 points following the first US credit down grade in history. This left the Team at ExpertBail nostalgic on some better times when viral videos where the talk of the nation. Below are some classic videos to distract you from today’s market plunge... Enjoy.

5.  Fainting Goats

A byproduct of domestic goats, these goats muscles freeze for about 10 seconds when it gets startled…giving it a zero percent chance of surviving in the wild.

4.  Double Rainbow

Yosemitebear thinks crying is an appropriate response to seeing a double rainbow. We wish we could as excited about anything like that.

3.  Taiwanese Whitney Houston

Freakishly on-point vocally, potential identity crisis later in life.

2.  Baby “Hahaha”

With 195,785,961 views on YouTube, who can argue with this video.

1.  ExpertBail Commercial

While it may not be a classic just yet, it's still our favorite.

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