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To Friend or Not To Friend

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook jailHow many Facebook friends do you have?  How many of those friends are actually friends?  How many times have you clicked "accept" to a friend request even though you had no idea who the person was?  How many times have you sent requests to people you didn't know.  These are just a few of the reasons why Facebook has become a veritable friendship orgy of "likes" and "accepts" that on the surface make you feel loved and popular, but in reality are just invites to spam, random birthday wishes and a Free iPad.

For one man in Sarasota, Florida, friending someone on Facebook got him thrown in jail for three days.  While Mr. Jock, might not need a bail bond for a three day sentence, he might need a legal lesson in proper Juror protocol. Yes, I said "Juror."  Mr. Jock had been selected as a Juror on the case of the defendant that he friended. Now I am not a Facebook expert, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are a juror on a trial then you probably shouldn't friend the defendant.  Since apparently some people aren't that experienced with Facebook, we thought we would pass on our top 10 list of people not to friend on Facebook.

#10 Your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend from 5th grade
#9   Your niece or nephew (especially if they're between the ages of 13-25...they  
        post the craziest stuff)
#8   Your grandparents
#7   Your middle school teacher
#6   Your Doctor
#5   Your Bail Bond Agent (actually we recommend friending ExpertBail...they are
#4   Your wife or girlfriend...especially not both at the same time.
#3   Your boss or any coworker
#2   Your parents (specifically your mom, because your dad really doesn’t care
        about Facebook)
#1   A defendant in a case that that you are on the jury

Written by:  Eric Granof

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