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To Choke Or Not To Choke...Why Is That Even A Question?

Friday, March 23, 2012

chokingWe have all been there.  Sitting on that airplane or waiting quietly in a doctor’s office ...when "THAT PERSON" comes in.  You know the person…the guy or gal wearing the hoody indoors in 90 degree temperatures listening to really, really, really, really, really, really loud music.  The problem is that they are usually completely and utterly clueless about the racket they are making.  It appears to me that they are in this dreamlike state where they think that they are the only ones that can hear their music…and as we can all validate, that is not the case.  Unfortunately, the rest of us on that airplane or sitting in that waiting room can hear everything and are forced to endure whatever screeching and scratching sounds are emanating from this person’s ears.   You can call it Murphy's Law or bad luck, but it is almost always never the type of music we would like to hear.

Most of us, while annoyed, can control our emotions and just endure the pain.  However, not everyone has that type of strength. So mix that little scenario with some anger management issues and you have a recipe for disaster or at least a good choking.  Check this recent story from Lincoln, Nebraska about a guy who got so upset from the volume of his roomate's girlfriend's iPod that he actually choked her.  He was arrestd, not issued a bail bond and is now sitting in jail for 180 days.  Read the story here.

Original Story: Man Jailed For Choking Woman Over iPod Volume