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Think Twice Before You Give Advice...It Might Land You in Jail

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

adviceShould a blogger go to jail for giving healthy good advice?  That is the question that we seem to be facing more and more lately.

Imagine if you had an experience that you wanted to share with people.  Let's say it was a special diet that helped you lose weight and improve your health.  You were so excited by your own results that you thought it would be a good idea to share it with people through your blog.  Well, that is what one North Carolina Blogger did and now he might be facing jail time.

According to an article in the Atlantic, it appears that the line between being an expert and a licensed expert is becoming a very thin one, especially online.  All this blogger was doing was telling his story, and providing readers with recipes and exercise plans.  He might have gone too far when he eventually offered one-on-one advice for a small fee.  This was probably the step that sent the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition off the hook (pretty scary huh?).  Now this blogger, whose last name is Cooksey (seriously, you couldn’t make up a better name for a healthy food blogger...sometimes this stuff writes itself), is potentially facing jail time for giving out advice in his blog.  So instead of planning his next healthy meal, this blogger might want to start looking up a bail bondsman and a lawyer to help keep him out of jail. 

BTW…please don’t take any advice we give in this blog seriously….we really don’t want to go to jail.  Read the original story below.   

Original article:  Health Blogger Could Be Jailed for Giving Health Advice While Unlicensed