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Thief Found in Bed with Stolen Lingerie Mannequin

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

mannequinWho hasn’t seen the 1980s hit Mannequin? Well this is taking it to about that level! A thief was found with stolen goodies in his hand… in his bed. To make matters more interesting, what he stole was lingerie… attached to a mannequin! 

The day before, the man walked into a store called Hustler Hollywood quite intoxicated. The clerks weren’t sure what he was looking for and he was so drunk he was hard to talk to, but he ended up taking a mannequin with him into the parking lot. The poor mannequin lost it’s left arm during the process, as well!

One of the clerks had followed the man out and was trying to reason with him, which just led to an argument. The man had the mannequin in the back of his truck and finally left, with the clerk heading back inside to call the cops.

Police were able to track down the vehicle at the drunk guy’s home, where they found Christopher Wade, 55, passed out in bed with the stolen mannequin. What an interesting thing to take, but he obviously must have been very lonely!

Wade was arrested and now faces charges for theft and criminal trespassing. The mannequin and merchandise were estimated to be worth $5,000. 

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Original article: Metro Police Find Theft Suspect in Bed with Stolen Lingerie Store Mannequin

Image Credit: Metro Nashville Police Department and