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The Top 10 Reasons to Fight Over a Beer...Especially When It Lands You Jail

Friday, March 2, 2012

beer and boxingFor most people a nice cold beer after work really hits the spot.  And for some, a nice cold one can quickly turn into a nice cold six, and so on and so on.  Well recently in Corpus Christi, Texas, two men used very poor judgment when they decided to have just one more cold one.  The problem being, there was just "one."  Because sharing really isn’t an option and neither man wanted to buy the other a beer, a fight ensued over the single beer (which at this point may or may not have actually been cold) and moments later, after several haymakers to each other's faces, the fight was over.  To say there wasn't really a winner in this one would be an understatement.  One man ended up in the hospital and the other man ended up in jail needing a bail bond to get out.  But the worst part...the beer was smashed during the fight and wasted (a brief moment of silence please).

Due to this unfortunate incident, we have decided to create a top ten list of the best reasons for when it is “worth getting in a fight and going to jail over a beer.”  Here they are:

10.  Never
9.   Never
8.   Never
7.   Never
6.   Never
5.   Never
4.   Never
3.   Never
2.   Never

…and the number one reason….

1. NEVER!!!!

We hope that we cleared that one up for you.  So everyone stay safe this weekend, and if you are ever faced with the same situation as outlined above, do what we would do, buy the other guy a never know, he just might return the favor.  And trust us when we say a beer in the belly is better than a smashed bottle on the face.

Written by: Eric Granof


Original article: Fight over beer lands one man in jail, another in hospital