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The Best House Party Ever Captured on Facebook

Monday, October 8, 2012

jail partyPeople take a lot of pride in entertaining their friends and family at their home.  They spend hours picking out the food, selecting the music and cleaning and setting up so that they can impress everyone that attends.  Ultimately they are hoping that their party will be the one that everyone remembers.  Their party will be the one that was so crazy fun that historians will write stories about it and pass them on from generation to generation.  Okay, maybe not that important but hopefully people will talk about it for a few weeks.  At least that is the hope.

So what if you were able to pull off the impossible and have that great memorable party?  But what if there was one problem?  What if you weren’t even there?  What if someone pulled off a modern day Goldilocks and ate your porridge, broke your chair and slept in your bed?  Would you feel violated or would you just be mad you missed the party? 

Well this really happened to a South Carolina family who discovered that while they were away on vacation a huge party was thrown at their house.  And the way they discovered it….they saw it on Facebook.  They saw video and comments of people partying it up in their house.  They were throwing up in the sink, sleeping in the children’s bedrooms and of course displaying lewd behavior online for all to see.
Now the amazing part is that the family would never have known about the party because the kids actually cleaned up the house before they left.  The family had no idea until they saw the video that their house was the venue for the best party of the year…and the worst part was they weren’t even invited.  Police say that thanks to the Facebook tagging feature they were able to compile a complete list of suspects.  So you can expect some arrests, calls to bail bond agents, and angry parents in the next few days for sure.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Family makes a disturbing discovery on Facebook about their home