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The Ascent of Crime: Criminal Becomes Victim Becomes Criminal

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ascent of crimeHave you ever been robbed?  Have you ever been the victim of a home invasion?  Hopefully you answered “no” to both questions.  In fact, both sound pretty horrible, and thank our lucky stars that we haven’t had to experience either.  But if you were ever faced with a horrible crime such as either of the two mentioned above, what would you do?  If you are like us, you would probably call the police immediately…almost instinctively, right? 

Well a Wichita Falls, Texas, man responded to a home invasion robbery much like any of us would do…he called the police.  The problem is that the man who was victimized was not quite the model citizen in his neighborhood if you catch our drift.  He might have been into a few illegal things himself.  When the cops arrived, they smelled marijuana and proceeded to obtain a search warrant for the victim’s house.  They ended up finding several marijuana plants, packed marijuana, some cash and a gun….oops!  The victim quickly becomes the criminal.  The man was arrested and is being charged with possession of marijuana over 4 ounces and felon in possession of a firearm.  We aren’t sure if the bail bond amount has been set. Read the original story below.

Original story: Victim of home invasion lands in jail