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Texting With a Baby on Your Lap While Driving...Not Cool!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby on lapDriving the LA Freeways is tough enough, but throw a cell phone into the mix and you can see why the number of accidents keeps increasing and insurance rates keep going up. Now add to the mix, a crying baby on your lap, a text message you must read and respond to, two additional kids under 4 in the car without a seat belt to be found, and a set of driving skills that leaves nothing to be desired and what do you get? If you’re a certain Los Angeles mother of 3, you get some jail time.

Check out this ridiculous story. A woman was pulled over and arrested for not only texting while driving, but texting with a baby on her lap…on the 405 Freeway (which by the way is the busiest freeway in the country…remember Carmageddon a few months back). In the back of the car were two more children, one with no seatbelt and one in a child seat improperly secured. The question I have is what the heck was she texting? What is that important that you would text in that situation…I guess we’ll never know. Check out the story below.

Original Story: L.A. freeway driver jailed after texting with baby on lap