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Texting the Wrong Person the Wrong Text Can Land You in Jail

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cop textingHave you ever sent a text to someone with a typo that made you sound kind of stupid?  Even worse, have you ever meant to send a text to one person but sent it to another instead?  Yes it has happened to us all.  Even I must admit that on more than one occasion I have sent my wife a message saying that I will be in the conference room in a few minutes thinking I had sent the message to a work colleague.  She always sends back a funny reply followed up by an "LOL"...and no harm done.  But not all mixed up texters are this lucky.  Check out this story about a drug dealer who is going to be looking for a bail bondsman very soon.  They unfortunately texted someone a message about selling some drugs, but unfortunately the message went to the wrong number.  What makes this so bad is that the wrong number was that of a police man.  Oops!  Check out the story here.

Original Story:  Text message proposing drug deal lands seller in jail, Sacramento Bee