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Teen Gets 9 Years for Kidnapping His Great Grandma

Monday, May 23, 2016

dyllan martinWhat a sad situation to report... a teen targeted his own 87-year-old great grandma in an apparent murder plot. Why? Just to steal her car. Luckily, it was foiled before it ended in someone dying.

Dyllan K. Martin, 17, and his friend, Billy J. Underwood, 15, planned to attack and kill Hazel Abel, Martin’s great-grandmother.

After devising their plan, they tied her up, gagged her and placed her in the trunk of her own car. They decided to drive 6 hours into Oregon before she managed to escape at a Walmart when they stopped for food and supplies. This little old lady managed to completely escape on her own!

It turns out Underwood “physically executed the plan, but Mr. Martin offered up his great-grandmother.” Who would do such a thing?!

Because of that, Underwood was sentenced to 10 ½ years for the abduction, while the woman’s great grandson received 9 ½ years. She likely will never see him free again.

As most grandmas would be, she remained gracious and composed more than one would think during the long court procedure, and even offered a statement that would make you question why anyone would want to harm her: “I can’t begin to tell you boys how sorry I am for what you’ve all been through these past few months. It could have ended so much worse than it did if you’d carried out the plans you had for me. It was an expensive trip to Portland for you kids. None of you had a driver’s license and now you’ve all lost your freedom and won’t be able to enjoy birthdays or family trips for some time.”

She continued to say, “Prison life won’t be easy for either of you. Your actions will follow your records. People have been so angry about what you did to me that is has been safer for you to be in jail. I’ve asked why so many times and yet haven’t been able to be given an acceptable answer. Behave yourself in prison and maybe someday you will have a good life.”

Both boys pleaded guilty to first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary and theft of a vehicle. 

Chillingly, Underwood was very calculated and deliberate about his plans for Abel. He unscrewed her porch light so she wouldn’t recognize her attackers and drove away from the home with the car lights off. He also spent time searching for desolate places along the Interstate, where he knew he’d be able to leave her. 

While her great grandson had no felony history, he was automatically charged as an adult because he was 16 at the time of the kidnapping and the severity of the case. 
Underwood, on the other hand, has a criminal history that includes residential burglary when he was 12. He also was tried as an adult. 

Martin apologized to his family by saying “The only thing I have to say is I’m sorry. This was the worst decision I have ever made.” Ya think?

Underwood also apologized to Abel and his own family. “I’m going to do everything and anything I can to better my life. I just hope Ms. Abel can forgive me in the future for what I’ve done. 

The boys will be heading to a state juvenile institution until they turn 18, when they may get transferred to a Department of Corrections prison. 

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Original article:  2 Teens Sentenced to Combined 20 Years for Abducting Kennewick Great-Grandmother

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