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Teacher Gets Hand Caught in the “Hooky” Jar

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

playing hookyHave you ever wanted to take a few extra days off of work but didn’t have any vacation days left?  So maybe you faked being sick…or maybe you faked having a funeral to attend for your long lost great uncle on your mother’s sister’s side of the family.  Whatever the reason, people can get pretty creative about the reasons why they can’t make it in to work.  Whenever you do think about playing hooky, it’s hard not to think of the most famous “hooky player” of all time, Ferris Bueller.  That is of course until you read this next story.

Earlier this year a Manhattan, New York school teacher came up with a pretty good reason for missing work.  She pretended that she had Jury Duty.  Ms. Mona Lisa Tello (and no, we aren’t making up that name) was able to swindle the New York’s High School of Graphic Arts for two full weeks and pocket a cool $3,374.88 in pay while she was out (or at least pretending to be). 

Call it ironic or call it stupid, but Ms. Tello’s plans were foiled when her ability to spell correctly failed her.  While reviewing her notice, the principal noticed some misspellings in the jury note.  For example, the word “trial” was spelled “trail” and the word “manager” was spelled “manger.”  The principle decided to check the contact information on the notice and found that they were incorrect.

When questioned, the teacher caved and admitted forging the note.  She was sent immediately to detention for 10 days and not allowed to participate in Physical Education…okay… that was a bad joke.  She did luckily avoid jail and the need to find a bail bondsman.  She was however forced to pay back the money and perform 10 days community service.  She also agreed to retire from teaching.  So at the end of the day, it looks like her desire for some time off was granted, but unfortunately for her, the time off is permanent.  Read the original story below.

Original article: School teacher busted for writing fake jury duty note to get out of work won't receive jail time