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Taking Your Monkey for a Joy Ride...Literally

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monkey Joy RideNow being in the bail bond profession, you hear a lot of crazy stories of how people got themselves arrested.  And trust us when we say that we are pretty positive that none of them are rocket scientists.  But rarely do you come across a story that involves a monkey.  But rest assured it was obviously only a matter of time and yesterday in Ashley, Pennsylvania the dream became a reality.  It was reported this morning that a man and his monkey (I always wanted to say that) got into some trouble with the law.  So where do we start.  First, the man decided to go for a joy ride on an ATV at 4 in the morning.  Oh yah, and the ATV was stolen.  Second, and this is the best part, he decided to take his pet monkey along with him...which by the way is illegal in Pennsylvania.  Actually owning a monkey is illegal, not sure whether cruising around with on an ATV is legit or not, but monkey in jailthen again law makers probably didn’t think they needed to regulate that one...apparently they were wrong.  Lastly, to top it all off the man was intoxicated.  We aren't sure if the monkey was wearing a helmet or not, but based on everything else that was going on, breaking a monkey helmet law is the least of this guy’s problems.  The sum of all these shenanigans landed this guy in jail.  We aren't sure what they did to the monkey, but the article does show them putting him in a little cage, which to be honest, does look a lot like a jail cell.  See the original story below.

Written By Eric Granof

Original Story: Monkeying around lands Ashley man in jail