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Taking the Rap for a Bad Rap

Friday, August 3, 2012

jail rapAs we have all heard many times in the news lately, there are a lot of people out there doing stupid things on social media sites.  Whether it is posting a comment, a photo or a video, the world hasn’t yet quite figured out that your audience on the internet is always bigger than you think….and definitely not the people that you think.  At least it was for one man in the UK. 

According to authorities, this man used the internet and YouTube as his own personal VH1.  He videoed himself rapping, and then posted the videos online.  The only problem is that he apparently didn’t have enough creativity to come up with a rap about something he imagined, but rather decided to rap about the real world.  And we aren’t talking about the reality television show, Real World.  He decided to rap about his own criminal prowess.  This includes lyrics describing crimes he has committed along with images of him with guns, drugs and money in the videos.  Unfortunately for this self-proclaimed YouTube rapper, he didn’t anticipate that his audience might include those in law enforcement.  Let’s just say that next time he just might want to stick to live performances and stop posting them on YouTube.  But he will know have to wait seven years until he can do that.  Read the original story below.

 Original story:  Jail for drug dealer who boasted of crimes in internet rap videos