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Stealing a Ride to Jail

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carjack jailThere are no real qualifications for being a criminal.  It is one of those equal opportunity types of careers.  No educational requirements, no age requirements, and definitely no intelligence requirements.   In fact, if you breathe and have a heartbeat you can pretty much qualify for a life of crime.   There is no better proof of this than the recent story out of Sacramento, California

Earlier this week, a man driving a church van was carjacked while giving two people a ride to the county jail to visit an inmate.  The man driving the van was doing what he always does, driving around the neighborhood offering FREE rides to those that need them. Two men approached him and asked for a ride.  Since the man had a few other rides to give first, he said okay, but let the two men know that they would have to wait a bit.  Apparently the two men became impatient and decided to take the van by force, striking the driver and taking the keys.  This is where the story really begins.  The two men decided to still drive the stolen van to the jail (the same jail they had asked to be driven to) to visit their friend.

Call it divine intervention for carjacking a church van, or just call it stupid, the two men were taken into custody at the jail.  The good news for them is that visiting hours don’t apply anymore.  They will get to spend some good quality time with their friend in the jail now as opposed to in the visitation room. 

Watch the original story below: