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Spiderman Gets Caught in His Own Web

Friday, November 16, 2012

spideySuper heroes and anonymity usually go together.  Even something as simple as a pair of glasses, like Clark Kent used to wear to hide his real identity as Superman from the rest of the world, can be an effective way for these special heroes to remain unknown.  But even with all those tricks and all those special powers, sometimes these heroes let their guard down and end up just like every other common man out there…confused, arrested and in need of a bail bondsman.

This past week a 21 year old Fresno, California web-slinger was arrested for trying to steal a woman’s purse.  Instead of Spidey coming to the rescue and saving the woman, he was unfortunately on the wrong side of the law this time.  This time Spiderman was the one committing the crime.  We aren’t sure what is actually scarier, getting your purse stolen or a grown man dressed in a Spiderman outfit coming after you.  Either way, the crime was averted, the web-slinger is in custody and New York is safe.  Read the original story from the Daily Bugle below….okay it isn’t the Daily Bugle, but we were curious how many of you would get the reference.

Original Story: Spiderman unmasked in Merced after attempted robbery