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Spend a Night In Jail or Lose Your Health Care?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

losing insuranceNot a question you will probably ever have to face, but one that was asked in a recent poll by  If you had to make the choice between losing your employer provided healthcare or spend in a night in jail, what would you choose?  According to a recent poll conducted by, 60% of people who were posed with this question actually chose jail.  Breaking that down even further, 64% of men chose jail over losing benefits and 56% of women chose jail.  From the “family” perspective, 80% of people without families chose jail over losing benefits and 70% of people with families still chose jail.  So instead of coming home without benefits, the majority of parents would rather spend a night away from their kids in jail.  Interesting, huh?

According to CNBC, the media outlet posting the results of the poll, if you do decide to choose jail over losing benefits, there are some quick jail time tips you should consider:

•    Ask for a single cell
•    Never show fear
•    Don’t, under any circumstances, fall asleep in a shared cell
•    Keep to yourself
•    Don’t accept favors
•    Never physically resist or attempt to escape

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