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Speed Trap Warning = Jail Time Scorning

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

speed trapHave you ever been driving down the road (maybe a little too fast) and were then pulled over by a highway patrolman hiding behind an overpass or in a driveway?   It isn’t the best situation, but one that happens to more people each and every day.  I don’t know about everyone else out there, but in my neighborhood the amount of police I see on the side of the road and the number of people being pulled over has increased significantly.  I am not sure if it is related to the economy and the police departments attempt to generate revenue from tickets or if it is just my imagination running wild.  Whatever the case, it is pretty hard to drive down the street and not run into a speed trap at least once a week. 

Well in Houston, Texas, a woman riding her bike came across one of these speed traps in a neighborhood where people tend to speed.  With a desire to get people to slow down and to let them know about the upcoming speed trap, she made makeshift sign out of a grocery bag that simply said “Speed Trap” and stood on the sidewalk holding the sign.  She positioned herself a couple blocks ahead of the speed trap so drivers would slow down.  On the surface, this sounds like a person doing a good deed in her neighborhood.  Not only is she helping people avoid getting a ticket, but she is actually getting them to slow down.  Unfortunately for this woman, when the police saw her with the sign, she was arrested.  She then spent 12 hours in jail before being bonded out by a bail bondsman.  The woman is still a little confused on exactly why she was arrested, but according to court documents she is accused of walking in the roadway where there is a sidewalk present.  What do you think?  Is she a Good Samaritan helping people out, or just someone putting a monkey wrench in the wheels of justice?  Read the original article below.

Original article:  Woman's speed trap warning lands her in jail