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Siphoning Gas Turns Stinky For These Thieves

Friday, May 13, 2016

gas mistaken for sewageCheaters never prosper! We’ve all heard that saying before and it couldn't be more evident than in this story. You’ll never believe what these gas thieves did!

A few gentlemen in Australia recently needed a little gas and decided they were going to siphon it out from a bus. Little did they know that they were in for quite a shock when sneaking up on the bus in the middle of the night. After sticking a hose in the tank, they started siphoning by sucking the gas out themselves. 

That led to a big problem for them, though. They put the hose in the wrong place and instead of siphoning gas, they were siphoning from the SEWAGE TANK! Ahhhh!!!!
The thieves made a quick break and haven’t been caught, as of yet, but we’re thinking they already received their punishment!

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Original article: Thieves Attempt to Siphon Gas From A Bus But Accidently Suck Out Sewage

image credit: Saturday Night Live