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Single Mom Faces Jail for Selling Food on Facebook

Thursday, November 10, 2016

mom facing jail timeTurns out when you join a Facebook community food group and sell some of your meals online, you may just find yourself facing some jail time! That’s what happened to this woman, who had no idea that it was against the law to sell food you make online.

She has been charged with selling an illegal substance… not a powder, pill or plant but a bowl of her homemade ceviche! That doesn’t sound so bad! Her ceviche may just become infamous now, as it may cost her one year in jail.

After joining a Facebook group called 209 Food Spot, she began participating with other members frequently. That meant people in the group could share recipes, organize potlucks and occasionally sell what they cooked. Or so she thought!

Late last year, someone contacted the single mom asking for a plate of her ceviche; which had become known as her signature dish. Little did she know, it was an undercover cop! Turns out the cops got involved when they found out that a majority of the members didn’t have permits to sell food online. Oh… the injustice!

She, along with about 12 other individuals, were cited for two misdemeanors for operating a food facility and engaging in business without a permit. The mom has stood up for her beliefs, though, and refused a plea deal for three years of probation. That means she now is headed to trial, where she could face up to a year in jail. 

The mom says that the 209 Food Spot Facebook group had sent out a warning before this all happened, stating that “food prepared in a facility that does not inspect it creates a risk to the public.” So she believes that fair warning was given to anyone who was looking to purchase a meal. Why she didn’t take it as a warning to stop selling her own food is unbeknownst to us.

Right now, the mom is more worried about what could potentially happen to her kids. Without a father in their life, she knows that it is taking a toll on all of her children knowing their mom could potentially go to jail. Maybe she should have thought twice about that plea deal...

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Original article: Single Mom Faces Jail Time After Participating in Facebook Food Group

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