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Should Have Made A Left At Albuquerque

Friday, May 4, 2012

oopsThe next time you are driving with your wife and you get lost, you might want to pull over and ask for directions.  I know us men are rarely capable of this feat, but after reading the next story you might be able to muster up enough humility and get directions. 

Last week, a Dallas based truck driver was leaving El Paso and missed his exit off the highway.  Unfortunately for him, he ended up on a stretch of highway that had no exits until it crossed the US/Mexico Border.  The truck driver states that he did ask a police officer how to turn around and was told to continue down the road for a bit and he would ultimately find an off-ramp.  The problem is the off-ramp was Mexico.  Within minutes of crossing the border, the truck driver was pulled over and Mexican authorities found over 250,000 rounds of ammunition in his truck. Talk about the perfect storm. 

He is now stuck in a Mexican jail without the opportunity for a bail bond and potentially facing a 35 year jail sentence...all because he missed an exit...oh yah, I guess the 250 thousand rounds of ammunition may have played a part too.  Read the story below.