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Seriously...Another Person In Jail for Faking Cancer?

Friday, March 9, 2012

jailWhen we previously reported on a story about a woman faking cancer, I thought that would be the first and only time we would report such a crazy and unfortunate story.  Well as I am finding out more often than I would like to, I was wrong.  Apparently, another “genius” out there thought the idea of faking cancer to get out of something would be a good idea.  This time it was faking cancer to get out of going to jail.  We aren't sure whether she was out on a bail bond or not, but over a three year period she faked Doctor’s notes about treatments and her prognosis.  To top that, during that 3 year period she had a baby and had over $50,000 is cosmetic surgery procedures.  The only word that comes to mind is unbelievable.  Read the story by clicking below.

Written By: Eric Granof

Original Story: Woman Who Faked Cancer to Avoid Jail Gets 5 Years