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Rehabilitated For 16 Minutes...And Then Back To Jail

Friday, April 20, 2012

back to jailWhen people talk about crime and punishment they often do in the context of rehabilitation.  This is part of the reason behind incarceration in the first place, right? We place people in jail as a punishment, but then also try and rehabilitate them while they are there.  Well if you have ever been in jail or know someone that has, rarely does jail seem to have its intended effect of rehabilitation on people.  In fact, for most of us, the perception is that going to jail doesn't rehabilitate people but rather turns them in to lifetime criminals.

Whether this way of thinking is right or wrong, it is hard to argue the effectiveness of rehabilitation in this latest case out of Tampa, Florida where a man who was just "rehabilitated" and released from jail, committed a crime 16 minutes later.  Seriously….16 minutes later.  Apparently, he approached a man on a bicycle and asked for a ride to the store.  First, I haven’t heard of many cases of bicycle hitchhiking, but then again, nothing surprises me anymore.  Anyway, this Good Samaritan put the man on his handlebars and rode a couple blocks.  When he was too tired to continue, this Good Samaritan expanded on his good deed, and offered to jog alongside while the man rode his bike.  Before he knew it, the Good Samaritan was punched out and his bike was stolen.  And did we mention that the man was rehabilitated. Three days later, the man was put back in jail for further rehabilitation.  Check out the article below.

Original Article: Tampa man back in jail 3 days after release