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Pot-A-Potty: Pot Plants Found in Port-A-Potty

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

pot-a-pottyImagine your surprise if you walked into a port-a-potty expecting a lot of poo but found yourself surrounded by pot instead? This is exactly what happened to a man who happened to be walking through the park in Oregon. He discovered tons of marijuana plants stuffed in the portable bathroom. Surprise!

Oregon has become a huge state for pot growth operations, as it has some of the nation’s best conditions for outdoor cultivation. But stuffing it into a port-a-potty?! Interesting method!

The cops still aren’t sure how the marijuana got there, but are thinking it could have been marked as a pick up point. 

Public works employees had checked the toilet mere hours before the discovery was made and nothing was out of the ordinary. People playing tennis in the park also didn’t see anything suspicious. So for now, the cops are still trying to figure out where all of these pot plants came from! 

We’re guessing someone is VERY upset about all of their missing marijuana plants! 

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Original article:  Portable Potty Pot Find is Oregon Town’s Biggest Ever Bust

image credit: Photo from Rogue River Police Dept.