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Planes, Trains and Bail Bonds: Addicted to Public Transportation In the Worst Way

Monday, August 19, 2013

stealing busesDo you prefer driving your own car or taking public transportation?  Well if you are like most people than you probably prefer being in the privacy of your own car as opposed to sitting or standing in a bus full of people who you don’t know.  However, as shocking as it may sound, there are some people who like the idea of public transportation.  Maybe it is because they like the idea of someone driving them around or maybe it is because they don’t like the idea of spending all that money on owning a car.  Whatever the reason, no one likes public transportation like the man we are about to talk about in this next bail bond blog.

A New York man is currently serving time on Rikers Island for stealing a Trailways coach from a depot in Hoboken, New Jersey.  What makes this story strange is that the man is not a first time offender, but rather someone who has been stealing transportation vehicles (over 150 in total) since he was fifteen (BTW, when he was 15 he stole a subway train).  You could say that he is addicted to public transportation or at least stealing public transportation.  His latest trouble occurred inside Rikers where he offered to steal the Corrections bus to help identify holes in security.  While his intentions, according to the man, are pure and he was just trying to help prison officials identify lapses in security, authorities have decided to classify the man as a flight risk.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Mass transit thief says he could steal bus while locked up on Rikers Island

Written by: Eric Granof