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Peeping Tom Pounded by the Father but Pampered by the System

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

peeping TomFor most of us, our children are out lives.  From the day they are born to the day that we die, we will protect them and love them.  But can you take that protection too far?  Most parents would probably answer no, but in today’s bail bond blog post we will share a story about a father that did what he thought he should to protect his daughter…and now he is being punished worse than the guy that was breaking the law.

What would you do if you discovered a naked man peeping in the window of your young daughter?  Would you call police?  Would you take care of it yourself?  Or would you do both?  This past week an Albuquerque, New Mexico man heard someone outside his daughter’s window at 2:30 AM.   The dad did what any other dad would do in this moment.  He went after the peeping tom and beat him up.  In an understandable rage, the father beat the man so severely that he was taken to the hospital.  Now, most of us are probably saying to ourselves, good, the guy deserved it.  The problem is that the father is now facing felony charges of his own and could potentially get a longer prison sentence for defending his daughter than the man who was sitting outside naked, peeping in on her.  Talk about injustice.

Do you think the father is getting the shaft or is he getting what he deserves for taking the law into his own hands?  We know what we think, but in a world where more and more victims are being looked over and instead the criminal is being seen as the victim, we have decided to keep our comments to ourselves. Of course that doesn’t mean that you must…please let us know what you think about this controversial situation. Read the original story below.

Original article: Emilio Chavez Beats Peeping Tom, Faces Longer Jail Sentence (Video)

Posted by: Eric Granof

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