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Panty Raids: From Fun to Creepy to Illegal

Friday, September 21, 2012

pantyIn the movies you see them joke and laugh about them.  They say things like, it’s just kids being kids.  Of course we are talking about the famous “Panty Raid.”  You see them happen at summer camp or the occasional slumber party.  Call it teenage angst or coming of age curiosity, but in the movies, the ol’ panty raid seems to be a topic that is more playful than anything.  However, fast forward to the real world and the concept of a panty raid gets pretty creepy, pretty fast.

Just ask the 19 year old in Elyria, Ohio, who was just given 90 days in jail and 5 years probation for conducting his own panty raid of three 17 year old girls that he knew.  Of course he also stole some jewelry, a few bathing suits and a couple bras, and that just turns the situation from creepy to just flat out criminal.  Throw some drinking, some marijuana and some heroin on top of it all, and you can begin to see why this story is being blogged about by a bail bond brand rather than a lingerie blog.  Read the original story below.

Original article: LaGrange-area panty thief gets 90 days in jail